Bar Rouge - Top of Switzerland

High above the roofs of Basel, near the sky, with a spectacular view over the exiting city life and the beautiful landscape there is Bar Rouge at 105 meters high.

An event location which is a bar, a lounge and a nightclub all at the same time.

In the evenings our lounge tempts you wit tasty snacks and delicious drinks and at night Bar Rouge is one of the fanciest clubs of the city. At this location, art and culture meet and create a breathtaking atmosphere.

For business events, delicious aperitif, an unforgettable birthday party or an exciting party night with friends, we fulfill your wishes and organize the perfect event for you. Bar Rouge puts the icing on your special events cake.


We recognise no religious, racial or gender differences. Bar Rouge is on neutral ground. We accept all sexualities and value everyone for who they are. Our staff recognise the needs of our guests. No one is favoured or discriminated against out of some emotional whim. We are open, even to criticism. We all honour our agreements and treat each other fairly and respectfully.

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BarRougeplage was a unique project at the Arteplage in Yverdon-les-Bains during Expo.02 in Switzerland. The official opening of BarRougeplage was on the 15th of May, 2002. The last party took place on 20th of October the same year. Since this point BarRougeplage is asleep somewhere in Switzerland and waits for an awakening somewhere in the world.

BarRougeplage was the icing on the cake: small, outrageous and seductive. It was in the most beautiful location at the Arteplage, on the mini half island, directly on the lake at the Club Mondial. The unique view over the water and into the sky and the magic sparkle of the semitransparent fiberglass with the two entries were amazing. It was the bar to meet and to say goodbyes. Here in the reddish light you could flirt with an aphrodisiac drink in your hand, relax with culinary snacks and enjoy of the senses to quiet beats.

BarRougeplage was a bar with art and culture. Small installations of artists were changing sporadically. The ceiling of the bar was painted by the London artist Tod Hanson. The ceiling lamp was a one of a kind creation from Walter Wetter. The pictures in the ground glass cases were from the Swiss artist Gabriela Spahr. The lounge escape of the bar was created by Guy Bébié and Bernhard Rosner. The furniture in the bar was designed by the designer Alessandra Baggiani (Morphing Systems). The blueprint was created from the Arteplage architects Anna Seiler, Annette Spindler and Tristan Kobler, Morphing Systems. (Designer “extasia”)

BarRougeplage always renewed its vivid program. Live concerts and DJ’s from all over Switzerland brought the spectator to dream. On special evening they served the famous drinks from the Hexenbar from Sabine Leuthold on a small field of grass in front of the bar.

During the entire Expo.02 BarRougeplage welcomed its guests with a lightly perfumed atmosphere, where you could try the aphrodisiac drinks and snacks served with love in an electric atmosphere, which awakened the senses.

Discover and experience this impression of the first kiss “le premier baiser” at Bar Rouge in Basel, at the Messe Tower, Level 31.