Party Queen or Salsa King?

Find your answer in one of the most popular clubs of Switzerland overlooking the roof-tops of Basel:
Party Beats vs. Salsa, Bachata, Latin

2 floors - 1 fantastic party night out

QUEEN OF HEARTS - every Friday

_Floor 31: Party Beats (Top 40 Charts, RnB, House, Club Classics, Urban u.v.m.)
_Floor 30: Salsa, Bachata, Latin

Celebrate more exclusive

Reserve a lounge in the attractive party package.

Entrance: ladies 21+ y.o., gents 23+ y.o.
Please bring a lady!

Friday, 14 June 2019

von 17:00 bis 04:00

Ab 22.00 Uhr: CHF 10.- und ab 35 Jahren gratis - Frauenbegleitung stets erw├╝nscht!