Before visiting Bar Rouge Club

Show these documents at the Bar Rouge entrance:

  • Covid Certificate
  • ID or Passport

Since March 15, 2021, rapid tests have also been free of charge for people without symptoms. Such an individual rapid antigen test can be billed to your Swiss health insurance company. Also for foreign guests the test is free of charge. You can find all information for vaccinated or recovered individuals here.

Let yourself be tested conveniently on site at the Bar Rouge entrance in our Covid Test Centre in cooperation with our partner pharmacy.

Important: Only rapid antigen tests from the pharmacy or doctor are valid for the Covid Certificate! Antigen testing at home does not apply.

Covid Certificate documents a vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 or a negative test.

  • Rapid antigen test: 48 hours from when the sample was taken
    (The health insurance covers the costs)
  • PCR test: 72 hours from when the sample was taken
    (The health insurance does not covers the costs)
  • For your Bar Rouge admission:

    To present a Covid Certificate at our entrance, you can either use the printout or the electronic Covid Certificate in the app. In addition, an identification document with a photo (e.g. identity card or passport) is required at the entrance.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Do I have to wear a mask inside?
    No. Clubs are only open to visitors with a Covid Certificate, therefore you can celebrate inside without a mask.

    You will find more answers to frequently asked questions here.